About Me

Hi, my name is Stephanie LI. I’m currently an MA student in International Journalism in Hong Kong Baptist University. This is a blog for my studies and assignments, but also this is the first step I take to become a professional journalist.

Most people might think that I’m crazy to quit a stable and respected job as a college teacher, especially comparing with the future of journalism deem as “the sunset business” in the age of new media.

So, yes, maybe I’m crazy.

But even in probably the most rapidly changing time in human history, there’s one constancy – curiosity, whether in the time of Plato when dialogues were used in public debates on philosophical questions, or during WWII when people relied on telegraphs to exchange messages, or today when you receive a news update customized to your preference every morning during your trip to work, or casually scan through your Facebook pages (or Weibo, Moment…)  if you are stuck in a lengthy, boring afternoon meeting. Because it’s in our nature to try to know what’s going on and to make sense of it.

For me, journalism is simple. It’s about my curiosity in the world, in everyone’s story, in everything happening around me. Of course, in order to satisfy my “primal” need of knowing things, I have to learn to “do it right” from some of the best reporters both in HK and in the world, and hopefully, some day I will satisfy my audience’s curiosity.

If you ever get curious about anything on my blog, just satisfy your curiosity by sending me an email.