The Gloves are off – Thai boxers fights out of the box


By Stephanie LI, Shawn LIU, Jane YAO & Tina ZHOU

Dec.2, 2016

In the boxing ring, B. Hon Kwok, the Hong Kong Muay-Thai Champion, sees himself “less of a human and more of a beast.”

At the age of 17, Kwok took up Thai boxing as he puts it, “randomly”. Ten years later, he won the Hong Kong boxing championship at the first attempt.

Weighing 57 kilograms with 165 centimeters of height, Kwok describes himself being the typical figure of Thai boxers, “small but agile.”

What differentiates Thai boxing from other types of boxing is that the combat combines the use of fists, elbows, knees and shins, according to Kwok.

Last month, he beat a boxer from Thailand in an international competition. In the first round, he broke a bone when his opponent accidentally kicked his left arm. Regardless of the pain, Kwok carried on and won – with one arm.

“When you have an infinite desire for victory, it’s not a problem to fight with only one fist,” he posted on Facebook after that match.

Kwok doesn’t think about the day he will retire. “I will keep on fighting till I can’t do it anymore,” he says.

When there’s no match to prepare for, he works as a coach in the Fu Tak boxing club, Sheung Wan, teaching students who want to lose weight, keep fit, and those who want to pursue a career in boxing.

For Kwok, Thai boxing is 50 percent of his life. The other half goes to his family, pet lizards and Marvel’s heroes.

Besides the Marvel heroes that can be seen around the gym – Avengers posters, Spiderman cushions, a Captain America mug – Kwok also raises a tortoise, two lizards and a tree frog, which he describes as “bizarre and attractive”.

“They are all figures of transition, from underdogs to men of strength and wit,” says Kwok.


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